Dear South Africa,

Only a handful of times in a man's life moments turn blurry. In those moments we live so intensely in the present that we're unable to simultaneously turn them into a 'story'. In hindsight we look back and find it difficult to describe what exactly happened or what was so special, yet we can still very strongly recall a feeling.

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Pink cloud

Flying high over vast amounts of water. Sun shines brightly into my eyes. Can't say the pink cloud I was surfing on has gone. And why should it?

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Dear Swiss mountain town,

Hope not to catch you off-guard but I love you. You belong to the longest relationships of my life. Although every time we meet you’ve changed a little, you are so reliable to me. ‘Cause don’t we all change bit by bit? You offer something not many friends do. Escapism in its purest sense.

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Dear Linköping,

You’ve surprised me. You’ve surprised me with your village feel, fresh air and blonde beauty. They said nothing much was happening around you but after having got to know you, I realize that’s OK. Because you seem totally comfortable with that, so am I. 

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Dear New York,

They tell me you never sleep. But if you never sleep, how can you ever dream? And if you never dream, how can you ever change? If only the extremely wise and ignorant never change, which one are you, new york?  Do only the extremely wise and ignorant never dream?

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My final hour

My final hour as a twenty-something has struck. This last decade has been very career-orientated but I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of that. I pride myself that whilst focussing intensely on my sport, I haven't stopped LIVING.  I have had a lot of fun with friends. And strangers! 

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The difference is made...

The difference is made

Far away from the spotlight

On a dusty back court

In an old school gym

Out there in the forest

Hidden by the dawn of early mornings

Behind the barrier of pain.    

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Pain barrier

You can go to the best coach in the world, train in the remotest place on earth or have the biggest sponsor on the planet but a coach nor a location nor money can break through your pain barrier. 

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Spiritual run

That run yesterday felt almost spiritual. At an elevation of 2700 meters the only sound I heard was that of my own breathing and footsteps. Jumping over every rock on my path, my heart rate was going insane but my mind was still. Totally focused on that ONE STEP in front of me. Obstacles like roots, stones and branches were gonna punish a wondering mind in a second!

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