Train like a Pro!

I train young aspiring pros and club players all over the world and make them experience what it is like to train at a professional level. Professionalism lies in attention to detail, not necessarily in playing level. To excel at squash you need to master all of its components. The emphasis of the training session is tailored to your personal strengths & weaknesses, but I always try to incorporate the following aspects in your training session:

1) Technique of footwork

2) Hitting technique

3) Physical components like: agility, stability, plyometrics, core strength and reaction speed

4) Tactics

The session takes as long as necessary. Maximum 2 players. Travel expenses to be paid by player. Available world wide. 


€ 249,00

  • Available from September 2019!
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

The Anjema Corporate Squash Clinic!

Squash clinic by former world no. 9 LJ Anjema. 12 - 16 participants max.

All playing levels are welcome in my clinic that focusses on a lot of banter and fun! I will give you technical tips to hit that backhand with much more power, challenge you physically in a ridiculous battle between you and your playing partner, and test your ability to work together as a team. You will also get the opportunity to place bets on how many points you will make against me. Afterwards we can all laugh about it and enjoy a well-deserved dinner. Duration of clinic: 2,5 hours, 5 courts.


€ 999,00

  • Available from September 2019!
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen

My story: The road to the top-10 in the world

In my personal story I share with you the lessons I learned on my way to the top-10 in the world. The lessons I learned always came as a surprise, and were often a slap in the face. Some of the themes my story covers:

* Brutally training for 5 years in the most boring village in England with the best squash player in the world. What did those training days look like? And how does training at that intensity change you as a person?

* The zone: how a subtle change in mindset can be the difference between being world no. 22 or world no.9.

* Stressmanagement: how successful stressmanagement influences your performance.

* Process-orientated or result-orientated thinking? My experiences of what I believe was the secret to my success. 

* The importance of optimal vitality to achieve peak performance. How do we achieve this state?

* Travel adventures: how cultural differences can change your outlook on the world.

* Similarities and differences between the corporate world and the world of professional sport: How can we learn from them?


€ 1.499,00

  • Available from September 2019!
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen