Harrow 'Old Habits Die Hard' by L.J.Anjema : Limited Edition!!!

The Harrow L.J.Anjema Custom Stealth racquet is a uniquely made model of the extremely popular Harrow Stealth. The racquet includes a black color and bright yellow cosmetic and graphics preferred and chosen by former world no. 9 Laurens Jan Anjema; Harrow TOP-NOTCH ELITE TEAM associate, Bermuda Legends Champion, 35+ World Masters Champion.


construction: high modulus carbon fiber

weight: 145g 

balance: 375 mm

head: 460 square centimeters/ 71 square inches

grip: black harrow PU

string: harrow T300

string tension: 28 pounds


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€ 149,00

€ 129,00

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Harrow Reflex Tarek Momen

The Reflex 125 is the newest addition to the ever growing collection of Custom Pro squash racquets. This racquet was designed, playtested and perfected by PSA World Champion 2019, Tarek Momen. The lightweight teardrop design provides an excellent balance between power and ball control and was achieved by adding a small amount of weight to the swing zone to make it slightly head heavy. 


String: Barrage at 28 pounds.

Weight: 125g

Balance: 360mm

Slightly Head Heavy

€ 219,00

€ 129,00

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Harrow Stealth

A slightly heavier version of the Stealth Ultralite at 145 grams, the Stealth has added headweight in the same convex mold. Another Player Performance Control frame that will also provide you with all the pop you need.  


• Strung with T300 

• Weight: 145 g  

• Balance: 375 mm

€ 129,00

€ 119,00

  • Available as of now!
  • Ships within 1-3 days

Harrow Vapor

Redefining the way squash racquets were made since its inception, the Vapor remains our bestselling racquet of all time. The Vapor’s superior blend of power and control makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players of all levels. It’s a classic for a reason.

• Strung with Barrage Pro

• Weight: 140 g  

• Balance: 380 mm 

€ 189,00

€ 109,00

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