Dear Linköping,

You’ve surprised me. You’ve surprised me with your village feel, fresh air and blonde beauty. They said nothing much was happening around you but after having got to know you, I realize that’s OK. Because you seem totally comfortable with that, so am I. 

You’re right, friend. We don’t need to ‘happen’ all the time. Your behavior has influenced mine. Stereotypes often disappoint but yours certainly haven’t. With eyes bluer than blue and hair blonder than blonde, you’ve hit the nail on the head, buddy.    


For centuries what have you put in their food to create these species? How long has it taken you to create ‘em this way? Is this the end product? Or still work in progress? No offense indeed, your current creation is quite brilliant. You have the tendency to go dark quite suddenly but in the corner of your clubs, bars and restaurants you offer an endless day. Your unique creation and crisp air have given me a spring in my step. Soon I’m off to the big bad city again but I know where to find you. I know where to find you in case I need to be grounded and feel refreshed. Your comfort with yourself has proven contagious.


See you soon, new friend.