My final hour

My final hour as a twenty-something has struck. This last decade has been very career-orientated but I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of that. I pride myself that whilst focussing intensely on my sport, I haven't stopped LIVING.  I have had a lot of fun with friends. And strangers! 

I've come to realise that planning kills most joy in whatever  it is you do. In my sport I've experienced ultimate highs in knowing that I've been the best version of myself, if only for the duration of a match. I've experienced and appreciated the lows in a weird way, too. There's nothing like sitting on a plane in the middle of the night and hearing one million 'what ifs' echoing through your head. You learn to learn, to forget and to move on. You also realise that you would never feel so good winning, if you never felt so bad losing.


Dear 30's, I will treat you exactly like my twenties. For I loved every ounce of freedom that came with it. I will embrace the good and bad. And always live with passion! I will hammer the air miles to all corners of the earth, realising that I'm not born for one, but that all of it is my home.